How to Automate Your Learning Funnel

By: Eszter C.

Decades ago, information was hard to obtain because only the wealthy had access to it. Now, almost anyone can retrieve data in a matter of seconds. Today, the quality of information we consume matters more than ever because there is so much noise. An automated process to filter out the noise and focus on what matters is essential for everyone in this day of age. I have developed my learning funnel over the past few months. Here is what it looks like.

There are two types of mediums; audible and visual media. Auditory consists of podcasts and videos. Content that comprehendible through hearing. Visible media is the text you are reading right now. Articles, blog posts, case studies, books, and anything else you can understand through studying is considered visual.

When I’m doing activities that don’t require high brainpower (like cleaning, folding laundry, washing the dishes, etc.) I casually listen to podcasts and videos. When I hear an idea repeatedly throughout the content I consume, I might do more research on it. I turn to Google and find articles related to the topic that interests me.

Usually, I might find one or two quality posts about the subject, and I convert those to a markdown file using a Chrome extension. I use an app called Obsidian to store my notes, so I download the markdown file directly to Obsidian. In Obsidian, I will read the article and perhaps jot down important key concepts on it. If I find a topic especially exciting, I will save 5-10 posts to my Inbox in Obsidian. While reading, I try to summarize the author’s point and capture the essence of the article in my own words. This shows me what I found relevant. Once I go through all of the content on that topic, I have a running list of notes. I convert the short bullet points into readable sentences. I then look at the writing as a whole and determine the holes in my knowledge and any misunderstandings. I repeat the process until I thoroughly understand the subject.

If you wish to automate your learning process, I suggest trying several methods. The best way to learn is by reading other people’s processes and testing them out to see which one works for you. A/B testing is a more effective way to set up a workflow. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong. Mistakes are stepping stones to success.


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