How to Become Fluent in the Language of Success

By: Eszter C.

Self-talk is your most influential friend or enemy when you embark on a challenging mission. The inner self can become the language of success if you learn how to speak it. First, though, the inner voice is powered by a powerful computer. Your mindset. What type of code this computer operates on is key to speaking success.

There are two types of mindsets your mental computer can run on. A growth mindset or a fixed mindset. Someone with a growth mindset believes anyone can achieve anything. They are resilient and prioritize learning over failure. They believe 98% or 99% is better than 100% because they have something to learn and grow from. 100% means they have spent too much time doing something. Individuals running on growth code don’t attach themselves to their results. If something fails, the process has failed, not them.

Someone operating on the fixed mindset believes intelligence and skill are defined. People are born with a specific skill set and the brain that cannot change. The brain’s abilities are fixed in stone. This mindset doesn’t challenge the user, because if something fails or a hurdle comes up, they believe that they are not smart enough or skilled enough. Instead of viewing a mountain as an opportunity to learn, they view it as an obstacle and give up.

If you haven’t guessed already, successful individuals have the growth code installed. They constantly thrust themselves into difficult situations and know that if they fail, it’s not because they are a failure. They just haven’t found the right process yet. Your success is determined by your self-talk which is influenced by your mindset. When you understand that your brain continually changes until you die, what becomes possible is infinite. Below, I’ve listed a few ways you can speak the language of success by downloading the growth mindset.

How you can speak the language of success

  1. Know about the growth mindset and that it can change your brainUnderstanding what the growth mindset is and how it works is already a tremendous step to changing your mentality. Continue reading and learning about this way of viewing the world to understand its impact.
  2. Focus on optimizing and perfecting the process instead of the results If a result failed, it’s because the process didn’t work. Identify a specific outcome you want to achieve (like reading 100 books). Then develop smaller quantifiable goals (read 10 pages each day, find 3 new interesting books to read every week, etc.). Keep a journal of your process to reach your result. This way, you can keep track of what worked and what didn’t.
  3. Seek advice from peers Ask about what others’ process looks like. They can offer insights and ideas you previously haven’t thought of before. Reading biographies also gives you innovative methods to try and apply to your own goals.
  4. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone Growth happens in uncomfortable environments. Seek new adventures and journeys. Not only will you master the difficult skill, but you will also learn more about yourself. Dive into the deep end.

Learning to speak success doesn’t only come from altering your words and phrases. You have to reprogram your inner voice to support your hard efforts. A growth mindset is a sponge for new trials and adventures to learn from. Unlike modern computer software, you can’t download this code in a few minutes. Your brain is old hardware and it takes time to reprogram ancient practices. Have faith because this update will pay off in the long run. Follow the steps above and continue to study the growth mindset to become fluent in success.


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