How to Increase Your Listening Speed

By: Eszter C.

1. Download Speechify and activate the Automatic Speed feature. Enabling this will increase your reading speed by 3 words per minute every 1000 words. This way, you adapt to faster speeds without even noticing it.

2. Listen to videos at the maximum speed you can comprehend. Challenge yourself and listen to content at a slightly uncomfortable pace. Increase your rate by small margins, and in the long run, you will see big results.

3. When watching videos at higher paces, turn on the subtitles and observe how the speaker’s mouth moves for easier understanding.

4. Be aware that people speak at varying speeds, so don’t be afraid to slow down or speed up for different types of content.

5. Like reading, listening is a skill and takes practice. Don’t expect to be able to fully comprehend an audiobook at double the speed the first time. Start small and improve day-by-day. You can expect to become fluent in listening at about 10 audiobooks. Like any valuable skill, it takes practice, determination, and consistency, but you will reap the rewards once you’ve followed through.

Living in an era of information, we consume articles, books, podcasts, and videos daily. Increasing your listening rate will allow you to digest even more in less time. Like a muscle, listening is something you need to strengthen. With these tips, you’ll be fluent in no time.

Reference: Cliff Weitzman

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