How to Test for Success

By: Eszter C.

By building on data from previous academic and scientific journals, present-day researchers can design tests that lead to new and exciting breakthroughs. But it’s not only individuals in the scientific field who can make monumental discoveries and advance a field. You can too. You can apply the scientific method to your own business and make decisions based on tested results instead of hazy assumptions. Here is how:

  1. Take a look at the data
    Like the scientists that bury themselves in libraries to study academic journals, you should bury yourself in your data. It’s time to understand the growths and declines in your business. Don’t judge the numbers, just look at them. Analyze the trends. What previous changes went well? What didn’t?
  2. Establish the bottlenecks and problem areas
    Next, look at what you could improve. After analyzing and observing the numbers, establish the areas you need to work on. What old practices need to evolve?
  3. Start to experiment
    It’s time to come up with a question that addresses the problem. Use an “If…., then…..” statement. Brainstorm ways you could test this statement. Then, experiment with a select group.
  4. Take down the results.
    How did the experiment play out? Was your hypothesis correct? Summarize your conclusions, and determine the best way to continue forward.

Data-driven design is the way to move your business forward promptly. There is no time for guessing and checking. It’s time to take action with tested results in your hand.

Reference: Design Like a Scientist

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