4 Ways to Get the Answers You Want

By: Eszter C.

Without valid queries, solutions and discoveries are lost and forgotten. As a society, demanding and commanding doesn’t move us forward. Asking does.

If you want anything in life, it’s most likely someone already has it done it. The information you need is stored in their head on a long-forgotten hard drive. The power of asking the right questions is retrieving that collected knowledge no matter how old and dusty. Along with valuable information, you receive unique and untold stories and ideas. The benefit of asking a question far out ways the cost of asking it.

Questions are also the force behind our thinking. Learning by asking allows us to explore ourselves. We discover what burning questions are the most important to us. We learn what matters to us the most. Questioning also formulates our thinking. After all, the art of reasoning is asking yourself questions. So how do we form high-quality problems? Here are four tips on finding more useful replies:

  1. Study questions. Listen to videos and podcasts. Record the inquiries that the interviewers ask that resonate with you. Which answers are you most anticipating?
  2. Form questions that are quick to explain, intriguing, and specific. Don’t ask questions you could find from a single Google search. But don’t expect a good reply from general and lofty questions either. Make sure the knowledge you are seeking can be retrieved promptly.
  3. If you ask deep questions, give an example of an answer. Doing this helps the person understand what you are looking for and buys them time to reply.
  4. Listen. Forget about the next subject on your mind. Sincerely listen to the answer.

People didn’t evolve by accepting the world as it is. They continually questioned, pushed, and inquired. This environment of asking leads to a society with answers. With answers, humans can understand the natural world around them, find meaning in life, and most importantly, attempt to solve more challenging mysteries. So go out into the real world, and don’t be afraid to ask and inquire. Fuel your inner child curiosity and begin to ask, “why.”

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALMg-7-2trY

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