8 Lessons From The Wisest On The Planet

By: Eszter C.

You’ve settled in, made a home, and designed your haven around your personal preferences. But have you thought of other inhabitants? What organisms have lived centuries before you? Take a look out your window. There they stand. Majestic trees. Their roots explored the depths of the soil before you were born. The wind and storm have battered them until they could stand tall in any weather. Trees have so much wisdom to teach us if we would only listen. They have been a part of life for a long time. Here are some lessons we can learn from these giants.

All trees have incredible strength. They weather centuries of storms and hardship, yet they continue to reach for the sky. What makes them so powerful is their consistent struggle to withstand the wind. Without wind, they cannot develop firm bark. We must learn that difficulties are necessary for growth and strength. We need it to unfold a tough outer layer.

A small seed in the nurturing soil builds a web of roots. It then shoots out from the ground and exposes its delicate stem to the world. From the frail stem, it grows into and expands into a towering tree. Branches form in every direction as the tree continues to age. Trees will grow anywhere and in any way. Learn from the freedom of growth. Take the experiences and opportunities that the world lays at your feet.

We should also learn from trees to remain flexible and adaptable. Trees can heal themselves from diseases by creating a knot and changing course so that the rest of the cells can get the necessary nutrients. We have to learn to heal ourselves.

Older trees support younger trees. They help them by using underground fungal networks to supply the younger saplings with the necessary nutrients and resources like water and carbon. Without teamwork and cooperation, trees would die out. We humans need to learn to help others and cooperate. Humans are tribal and need to communicate with others to achieve bigger and bolder achievements.

Trees don’t hold themselves back to fit in. They grow to stand out. Most importantly, they don’t apologize for spreading their branches as far as they can. They show their gifts and talents to the world. Don’t hurry. Take your time. All beautiful things take time. If a tree doesn’t pace itself, it risks falling over and harming itself. It needs a well-built support system from its roots, then a hardened trunk with thick branches. Allow things to unfold. Don’t rush. Enjoy the process.

Trees let go of their leaves in the winter and conserve energy. They slow down metabolic processes and wait for the first signs of spring to restart flourishing life. Like all organisms, trees need rest, and so do people. In this day of age, where notifications, emails, and breaking news headlines rule our attention, we must clear out the clutter and make way for rest. It seems so simple, but it is necessary. We are part of nature, and for life to function, it needs rest.

Embrace your uniqueness. No tree is the same because of its intricate curves and bends. Various textures and smells distinguish evergreens from seasonal trees. Model the tree’s uniqueness and accept your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to show the world what makes you different.

Stand tall. Shoulders pulled back. The redwoods in California are great examples of this. Even over 379 feet tall, or about 63 tall basketball players stacked on top of each other, they still stand tall and proud.

Trees are incredibly wise. If we would only spend more time listening to them, we would learn so much. So, take a walk to a nearby forest. Watch the sunlight dance on the leaves, listen to the symphony of the leaves in the wind. Watch their branches sway in the air as they continue to live life and be.


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