How to Find and Do Work You Love

By: Eszter C.

We are taught from an early age, that after graduation, you have 4 options:

  1. do something you love but no receive no money for it and the world doesn’t care
  2. do what you are good at
  3. pursue something that pays well
  4. dedicate your life to what the world needs

Ikigai aims to combine all of these categories to create a single profession that encompasses all of the above.

Make a list with 4 different columns and with things that

  • you do because you love
  • you do because you are good at
  • you do because you get paid for
  • you do because it’s what the world needs

Think back to when you were between the ages of 7-11 and what you loved to do then. Put those activities in to the “love” column. Then, write down all of the skills you have acquired. Next, make a list of jobs, professions, and ideas that are popular right now that would pay well. Make note of those in the “paid” column. Lastly, think about what the world needs right now and write down your thoughts in the “world” column.

Now it’s time to activate your creative mind. Creativity is the ability to mix and match and combine something from each of the columns into one single profession. This combination of activities from all of the four fields will give you your ikigai.

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