How To Vision Board For Success

By: Eszter C.

At first, I saw people taking trips to art supplies stores and spending loads of cash. Their bags at checkout would include fancy bulletin boards, lamination machines, and colorful Sharpies. Then, they would print pages worth of vibrant images, arrange them on their board, and paste them on there. Honestly, this practice seemed more like an art project than a manifestation tool. I decided to stop wasting time admiring the design talent of these young people and get my hands dirty.

A vision board trains your brain to turn what it sees into reality. However, it can easily get overwhelmed by multiple goals and desires. The best way I saw someone reduce the distractions is by dividing his board into categories. He had nine areas of life that each corresponded to one goal. The nine categories are:
– Wealth
– Reputation
– Spiritual
– Relationship
– Health
– Love
– Career
– Hobbies
– Travel/Fulfillement

I do not want to repeat everything he said, but his main point was that more than one image or statement in each category would not allow the brain to concentrate on what is most important. What I also found intriguing is he had a vision board practice. It is not enough to stick your board on any wall and hope for the best. Put your vision board where you can immediately see it when you wake up or go to bed. This reminds your subconscious mind of what needs work. Spend time looking at your vision board with a notebook in hand. When your brain starts to spout negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, write them down. Fears come to distract you, so get rid of them. Doing this frees up space in your mind for ideas to make those goals reality. Once those negative beliefs are on paper, destroy it. Rip it up. Shred-it. By doing this, you send a message to your brain that those doubts are not going to stop you. Once your mind is free from the bad internal talk, it starts to produce ideas and inspiration for accomplishing the items on your vision board. Write down the ideas you come up with. Then, act on those ideas. Your plans on your vision board will stay there until you intentionally act. A vision board clearly defines the “what” and will communicate you the “how”, but you have to execute the realizations to see success.

Vision boarding seems like a magical way to achieve success. However, you have to signal to your brain that what is on that board is of meaning to you. Don’t just hope for the best after you hung it on the wall. Interact with it daily. I highly recommend watching Eric Bailey’s video on creating a vision board. It’s the best I have found so far. Take this new knowledge and put it to the test. What goals can you check off in the next few months that you expected years to take?

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