Practicing When No One is Watching

By: Eszter C.

The tennis courts are empty. The temperature has dropped, and the darkness has set in. The wind rattles the nets, and the cold bites my fingers. The session starts with a few warm-up shots. Then to the baseline. I end with serves. The practice has always been a grueling, uneventful, and hard process. From the days of indoor training sessions in groups, I never really got ahead. Everyone was putting in the same hours. We were all getting better but at the same time. Now, tennis practice is up to you. It is not a matter of going to class. It is a matter of carving out that time for yourself. When the weather is not sunny and ideal, that is when I make sure I always go out. It is when no one else is watching and practicing when you can get ahead. “Champions are made when no one is watching.” A popular sports adage rings true.

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