The Best Three Quotes From The Intelligent Entrepreneur

By: Eszter C.

Today, I was going through notes of books I have read this year, and I came across quotes I found interesting from The Intelligent Entrepreneur by Bill Murphy. Enjoy!

“Don’t go out there and look for experiences. Experience is what you get when you don’t achieve what you want. Go out there and do what you want to do and succeed at it.”

Experience is something everyone tells us to get more of. It is how you acquire new knowledge, hands-on practice, and feedback from experts around you. However, and experience is a short-lived moment. It does not last because it implies that it never worked. Seek opportunities that can bring lasting change and build on your momentum towards success. Do not hold back on your dreams, because you do not have enough practice or knowledge in that area. The best lessons come from building on your own, not understanding someone else’s architecture.

“Thinking big doesn’t necessarily mean thinking complicated. “Some of the best ideas are simple,” Ed Zschau said.

There is a notion that the more pieces a business, product, or service has, the better it is. Look at Twitter. The idea behind it is simple. You have 240 characters to share a thought with the world. If it were a complex app with dozens of features, settings, and updates, it would not be where it is today. Multi-billion dollar companies offer valuable solutions in simple ways.

“Some of the best entrepreneurs enter into a brand-new industry, and they see a better way to do things than the people who are steeped within that industry. As outsiders with different experiences, they have broader thinking, and they often see how to adapt a model from another industry to this new industry where things haven’t changed in a while. They can see other ways to do things because their perspective isn’t based on those unstated assumptions about how things have to be done.”

Often, we dig ourselves into industries and disciplines from years of work, forgetting to question beliefs that ideas because they are common knowledge. The most innovative pioneers do not come up with something new. Instead, they apply the best principles from prosperous fields into slower industries. Do not forget to question the common beliefs that might limit your potential.

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