What I Learned About Success from Tony Robbins

By: Eszter C.

One nonfiction book that has changed the way I think, behave, and develop is Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins. In this book, he lays out step-by-step solutions to figure out the ways successful people became successful. From mental exercises to handy checklists, there is no doubt that by applying his principles, you can duplicate the success of others. I found his ideas motivating and inspiring, and I would like to share them with you. Below, you can read about the book’s core philosophies and concepts.

What is success?

Success is a continuous process of striving to become more. It is the opportunity to continually grow in all areas of life (emotional, social, spiritual, physiological, intellectual, and financial) while helping others. The road of success doesn’t take you to a final destination because it is always under construction. Success is achieved through the accumulation of power. Power is taking action to change your life, alter your perceptions, and to make opportunities in life work for you. It is the ability to direct your thinking and behaviors to produce the results you desire.

How do you unlock power?

The largest source of power comes from specialized knowledge. In the information age, expertise is not enough to have. It must be acted on. Power is the ability to act and change. Our actions come from the ways we communicate with ourselves. There are personal communications (how we feel within) and external communications (physical behaviors, facial expressions, etc.). The level of internal success you achieve is a direct result of how you communicate with yourself. How you feel is your interpretation of what is happening around you. Your quality of life is measured by the actions you take in any given circumstance.

What are the steps to success?

First, successful people define precisely what they want in life. Then they take action to produce what they desire. The third step is to reflect on how your efforts are influencing your path to your target. You have to recognize if the steps you are taking are getting you closer or farther from your goals. Lastly, the ability to adapt and be flexible will help you find what works.

These are some of the introductory and general concepts Robbins starts with. If you’re interested in learning how to execute these ideas, I highly recommend reading his book. Tell me what lessons you found most valuable!

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