What People Get Wrong About Thanksgiving

By: Eszter C.

I never like to read about Thanksgiving. Being grateful is a daily practice, not a one-time celebration. So what makes Thanksgiving worthwhile? I believe it is the spirit of people coming together and spending time with each other that is Thanksgiving. It is an appreciation of the energy everyone brings to the table while they leave hard feelings at the door. The real value of this holiday is the feeling that even though there are many hardships, losses, and pain points, families and friends are still together. We are here for each other, and we can rely on each other. What a beautiful feeling togetherness is. It means doing good for the group instead of acting in our best interest. But this year is different. We notice the absence of family and friends during this years' Thanksgiving. There is indeed nothing more powerful than the physical presence of a person to remember memories, enjoy the present, and plan for future gatherings. But we can come together in other ways. Just because this year looks different doesn't mean the holiday has to lose its meaning. We can continue to value people and add value to their lives without being in-person. The secret is to give more than what you have, so you receive more of what you need. This years' Thanksgiving calls for some creative ways to let others know you are thinking of them. Here are some ideas:

The human connection doesn't stop when a person isn't physically there with you. We might focus on the empty chair, but people live on in our thoughts, ideas, and daily routines. Thanksgiving is a holiday of remembrance for all that we get from people, and it is a reminder for us to give more selflessly to others.

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