Can Fruit Really Have An Impact On Your Energy?

By: Eszter C.

Exactly one week ago, I decided to eat only fruit for breakfast. Why am I writing about this? Because it changed my mornings. You see, my freezer is usually overflowing with frozen waffles and pancakes that I can chuck into the toaster. The ease of preparing breakfast was unbeatable. After eating three waffles, I would have a jolt of energy. I would go about my morning tasks, and at about 10:30, I would longingly look at my bed. I felt flat and demotivated. The hours until lunchtime seemed to drag on.

Then, as I was reading the book Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins, Robbins mentions that the key to long-lasting energy is eating fresh fruit on an empty stomach. He says that breakfast should contain nothing but pure fruit or freshly juiced fruit so that the body has the opportunity to cleanse itself.

I decided to try it out. The sugar-laced traditional breakfast foods were not serving me, so what did I have to lose? I committed to eating only fruit in the morning for a week.

I felt the results immediately. My mind felt sharper, and I had more energy throughout the day. I was worried that my stomach would start to grumble minutes later, but I felt satiated until lunch. The fiber in fruit and the natural sugars keeps you full and prevents spikes in your insulin levels. Fibers also slow digestion and absorption, which is why you don’t feel hungry. Fruit also contains high amounts of vitamin A and C, as well as high levels of mineral potassium.

With any diet or health change, do your research first. Eating only fruits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can cause severe health problems. Like with almost anything, too much of a good thing can be harmful. All in all, fruits are excellent sources of fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. They are great replacements for the customary bagels, donuts, and muffins that could pass as desserts. If you feel a boost of energy in the morning, but feel like taking a nap in the mid-morning, try swapping your breakfast foods for a week.


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