How To Get The Most Out Of Your Environment

By: Eszter C.

The space around you does not consist of only life-less objects. People, energy, information, and other invisible forces also fill up your surroundings. You feel like you are in control of all of these factors, but really, you accept the given options. Motivation and willpower seem strong enough to turn away toxic people, dark energy, and useless information. However, your daily actions are a response to the design of the environment around you. If limiting friends with stale ambition and cheap conversations surround you, they become the only choices. It’s scary to think that the placements of these factors affect your decisions, thoughts, and beliefs without your realization. Being conscious of how specific conditions affect you is already a leap towards optimizing your space.

How Your Environment Affects You

Your daily actions are dictated by what’s clearest to achieve. Your brain loves doing easy things. Conveniently, it does the things that require the least amount of friction. The press of a button turns on the TV. Two clicks and you’ve made a $100 purchase. What is more comfortable, reclining on the sofa or changing into workout clothes for a run? Do you want to dig out that apple from the bottom of the fridge? Or would you rather eat the cookie on the counter? Similarly, the people who you spend time with influence your behaviors. Observe the habits of your social group, and you’ll be aware of their impact on your life.

Setting Up the Right Space

The quickest way to upgrade your environment design is by making good habits simpler to do and bad ones harder. Create more resistance between impulses and bad behaviors. The more steps you take, the less likely you will follow through with the bad habit. Make good habits the center of your attention. For example, it’s easy to check social media on your phone in the morning when it goes off as your alarm. You could add friction by offloading the app, putting your phone in the closet at night, and using a different wake-up notification in the morning. If you wanted to go the extra mile, you could place an open book next to your new alarm to trigger the habit of reading. The right environment setup can enforce good behaviors without the use of motivation and willpower.

Designing a Workspace for Success

The design of your workspace also has a tremendous effect on your state of mind. A working hub that reflects your goals and ambitions through strategically placed elements (like motivating images, quotes, books, etc.) makes you laser-focused. Good lighting, pleasant colors and hues, and a dash of personal style can make all the difference. Motivational quotes dotting a bulletin board with bright images add a dose of inspiration. A default playlist and scented candle can also get you into a productive mood. The messages of abundance your subconscious mind is getting will show in your results. Let the inspiration and positivity from your environment flood your brain, so the only thing it can do is concentrate on ticking off those goals.

Motivation is a myth. You have to learn to control the things you can. Your environment plays a considerable role in determining your success, and it’s one of the easiest and quickest things you can change. Your surroundings must be equipped to allow you to perform your best. If it currently does not do that, you have some things to change.


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